RSK Docs

Windows computers instructions


Installing the requirements


Check the correct version to install here

ruby "2.6.3"

The version 2.6.3 is not the latest, so you need to go here to find it:


Ruby install path

Do not install in Program files, as your system will be unable to find it if you do so.


Check MSYS2

You need to install MSYS2 which is included with Ruby installer.


Run ridk install

MSYS2 setup will run start automatically, at the end of Ruby installer.

If it doesn’t start automatically, at the end of Ruby installer, run ridk install to setup MSYS2 and development toolchain.


At terminal, choose option 1

At terminal, choose option **1**


When you finished, at terminal, you can check if all is ok:

ruby -v
gem -v



At terminal:

gem install bundler jekyll
gem -v

Verify your installation:

bundler -v
jekyll -v


Set up

Clone this repository, and run the following commands in its directory:

bundle install

If you get an error similar to this:

Your Ruby version is 2.6.5, but your Gemfile specified 2.6.3

You must install the correct Ruby version, look here.

Verify your installation:

ruby -v
bundler -v
bundle exec jekyll -v

None of these three commands should error, and they should all print out their version numbers.