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on secure, decentralized apps.

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What is DeFi
for Bitcoin?

DeFi means Decentralized Finance.
Decentralized applications that allow Bitcoin users to
lend, borrow, trade and earn interest on their Bitcoin.

The old world of finance is controlled by central intermediaries.

The future of finance is decentralized.

Benefits of DeFi

DeFi. Take back control.

Bitcoin puts you in control of your money.
It is more secure, private, and uncensorable than banks, Paypal or credit cards. But these magical properties of Bitcoin are lost if you use centralized services. When your Bitcoins are on an exchange or in a custodial wallet, you are no longer in control.

With DeFi you are always in control of your Bitcoin.

Put your Bitcoin to work

DeFi apps create a host of opportunities to do more with the Bitcoin you are HODLing.

  • Earn interest on your Bitcoin
  • Borrow stablecoins so that you can unlock the value without having to sell
  • Leverage trade with your Bitcoin to earn more
  • Stake your Bitcoin to earn other tokens

With DeFi you can use the Bitcoin you already own to Stack more Sats.

Why Defi
for Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the best known and most used cryptocurrency.
In addition, it is the safest network, the one with the
highest liquidity and the one with the highest value (66% dominance).

That is why DeFi for Bitcoin will lay the foundations of the financial system of the future: More fair, inclusive and without intermediaries.

Porque defi

rsk Smart Contracts
for Bitcoin.

rsk is the second layer, smart-contract protocol for Bitcoin.

rsk adds additional functionality to Bitcoin, allowing a whole range of more creative and sophisticated use cases to be built for Bitcoin in a decentralized manner.

DeFi Apps


Bitcoin-Collateralized Decentralized Stablecoins.
Use your bitcoins without getting rid of them.

How it works

Step 1

step one diagram step one diagram

Step 2

step two diagram step one diagram

Step 3

step three diagram step one diagram

Use cases rsk

money on chain

Lending & Borrowing

  • Earn interest from anywhere in the world
    using your Bitcoins.
  • Get a secured loan using your BTC holdings
    as collateral

How it works


Take a loan.
with one click


Use your digital assets
as a guarantee
for your loans


Receive your funds
and start spending!

Liquidity & Exchanges

Onchain liquidity among blockchain-based
assets to easily exchange tokens

How it works

exchange diagram exchange diagram


Use Stablecoins for everyday payments and transactions.
Now you can use decentralized stablecoins on Bitcoin.

How it works

exchange diagram exchange diagram

Let´s make it happen together!

Build Defi apps with us!

  • Lending and borrowing
  • Derivatives
  • Assets
  • Insurance
  • Prediction Markets
  • Marketplaces
  • Wallets
  • Stablecoins
  • Payments
  • Liquidity Pools
  • Margin Trading

rsk ecosystem is building
the financial system
of the future.

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