Initializing the project

To use Enveloping, follow these steps to build the project.

Project Structure

The project has on-chain and off-chain components.

  • The contracts directory in the root directory, contains all the smart contracts involved in Enveloping.
    • These can be compiled with yarn prepare. The changes will be reflected in the build/contracts.
    • If a new contract is created, it is important to add it to migrations/2_deploy_contracts.js for deploying it.
    • The solidity version used currently is ^0.6.12.
  • The src directory contains the off-chain components such as cli, relayclient and relayserver. Everything here is coded in typescript.
    • To compile these typescript files, use yarn tsc. The changes will appear in the dist directory.
  • The jsrelay directory contains files for running a Relay Server. See Getting Started for more details.
  • test contains the test suite. See section below to learn how to test Enveloping.


When adding new tests, we should compile them first with yarn tsc before running them.

  • To run all the tests: ./run-tests

Note: The script will start an RSK node in Regtest mode and then run all the tests. So it takes some time to run the tests.

  • To run a specific test: Once the project is built, we can test it with truffle:
yarn generate && npx truffle test --network rsk test/Flows.test.ts

Committing changes

To contribute to the project, create a branch with the name of the new feature you are implementing (e.g. gas-optimization). When you commit to git, a hook is executed. The hook executes a linter and all the tests.


Common errors when testing

Running a test throws the Error: Cannot find module 'directory-to-the-project/enveloping/rsknode/test/Flows.test.ts'

Ensure that you are in the project’s root directory and that the test’s name has no typos

Running Flows.test.ts test throws the error: http://localhost:8090 => Error: local view call to ‘relayCall()’ reverted: view call to ‘relayCall’..

Stop the running node and delete the db used by the node.

Running some test and one of them throws: Error: listen EADDRINUSE: address already in use :::8090

The relay server running in the background. Run the bash file scripts/