RSK Pre-compiled ABIs


Welcome to the pre-compiled ABIs from RSK repository.

This repository contains the pre-compiled contracts used by RSK, and was created to be used via npm.


Different versions of the package mentioned are required for different RSK releases.

The semantic versioning of this package doesn’t correlate to the semantic versioning of RSK. For each named release of RSK, there will be a corresponding name version in npm.

This package’s support starts with ORCHID.

How to use it

For the installation of these package you must execute in a terminal window:

npm install @rsksmart/rsk-precompiled-abis@<version>

As an example to define and use it:

1) Include the Web3 package.

const Web3 = require('web3');

2) Include the rsk-precompiled-abis package.

const precompiled = require('@rsksmart/rsk-precompiled-abis');

3) Create an instance of the contract using package build method and Web3 as a parameter.

(i.e.: using Bridge)

var bridge = Web3('http://localhost:4444'));

4) Use a contract’s method. For example, here we call getFederationAddress, and displays its result in the console.


Important note

If the version to be installed is not defined in the command line, the version will correspond to the latest version in WASABI.

Versioning table

Package Version RSK version
1.0.0-ORCHID ORCHID-0.6.2
2.0.0-WASABI WASABI-1.0.0
2.0.1-WASABI WASABI-1.0.0