rLogin - Integrations

We are currently integrated in this dApps

RNS Manager

This is RIF Name Service platform. Use it to:

  • Register .rsk domains
  • Administrate your domains

URL: manager.rns.rifos.org (testnet.manager.rns.rifos.org for RSK Testnet)


RSK Token Bridge

Use this app to cross tokens with Ethereum network. For example, you can secure your USDT tokens on RSK network.

URL: tokenbridge.rsk.co


RIF Faucet

This is the platform where you can get testnet RIF tokens to test the apps on their test modes.

URL: faucet.rifos.org

PR: riflabs/rif-faucet-client#20 - Add rlogin, show message about missing gas, and minor cleanups

RIF Identity Manager

Manage your assets, data and identity from a single platform.

URL: identity.rifos.org

Repo: rif-identity-manager

RSK Academy

RSK education platform. Find out brand new courses and live classes!

URL: academy.rsk.dev.br

Repo: rsksmart/rsk-academy


URL: rlending.app

Repo: riflending/rlending-ui

RIF Identity Email VC Issuer

Use this tool to issue Email Verifiable Credentials. This can be used as a service, the front-end stands as an example.

URL: email-verifier.identity.rifos.org

Repo: rsksmart/email-vc-issuer

Money on chain

The famous DOC, BPro and BTC2x platform. Operate your stable coins backed on Bitcoins.

URL: alpha.moneyonchain.com

RIF on chain

Similar to Money on chain, but in this case backing the stable coins with RIF tokens.

URL: rif.moneyonchain.com

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