Issuer App

The Issuer App is a React application that handles the back office tasks of issuing and rejecting credential requests. It is built to be connected to any Request Credential Service Server (that is API compatible with RIF Identity issuer service), and login happens with a username and password.


  • Login using HTTP Basic Auth with username and password
  • View list of received credential requests and request content
  • Issue and Deny Verifiable Credentials


Login Screen

Login Screen

Credential List

Credential List


The issuer app has a lot of potential for future development including:

  • Adding back-office claims to credentials
  • User management
  • Revoking credentials
  • Managing credential templates/types
  • History

Run locally:

The issuer application can connect to any credential server so there is no need to set environment variables.

yarn start

Run for development

yarn build
  • Github Repo - the repo is part of the larger SSI UI repository.