RIF Lumino Network

The RIF Lumino Network is the first off-chain state channel network launched on RSK. It is also a cornerstone of a broader vision called RIF Payments which will allow users to seamlessly interact with multiple cross-blockchain off-chain networks such as Lumino, Lightning and Raiden.

RIF Lumino allows users to make off-chain payments on any token deployed on RSK in a fast, reliable way, with low fees and secured by the Bitcoin network. RIF Lumino is the first payment network supported by RIF Payments in its path to global financial inclusion. If you want to read more about RIF Payments and how to be part of the network please visit the RIF Payments site.

RIF Payments is a set of protocols with the primary goal of enabling fast and cheap peer-to-peer payments which can scale to achieve true world-wide financial inclusion. RIF Payments is composed of three main protocols:

  1. RIF Payments Full: it is a protocol which creates an abstraction layer to access different payment networks allowing cross-token and cross-network payments.
  2. RIF Payments Light: it is a protocol meant to allow light clients to access RIF Payments Full without jeopardizing security and decentralization.
  3. RIF Payments Exchange: this protocol will be used for discovering intra-token exchange rates, optimizing the routing of payments to a great extent, and selecting the nodes to route payments based on their scoring, exchange rate, and fees among other criteria.

Video Introduction

Lumino Node Setup

To set up your own node, please follow instructions in the installation guide.

Lumino Full Document

Download the RIF Lumino Network and the Broader Vision of RIF Payments here.

RIF Lumino Explorer

The Lumino Explorer shows information about the nodes of the RIF Lumino Network Mainnet. You can check it out at the Lumino Explorer website.