Lumino Explorer How To Use


Mainnet public explorer:

RIF Lumino Explorer is a website which allows us to view the status of the Lumino Network. Each node can decide to be present or not in this explorer.


On the dashboard we have several sections:

  • Node graph: At the center of the screen we can see all the nodes which opted to be included in the explorer and how they connect between each other
  • Tokens dropdown: Above the graph, there is a dropdown which allows us to select which token we want to display information for.
  • Search box: allow to search by:
    • Node address
    • Channel id
    • Token
    • Ot the left, we have a summary of the network
    • At the top right we have 2 buttons to go to:
      • View all nodes
      • View all channels

Summary Widget

At the left of the dashboard we will see a summary widget with some general information about the network and the token selected in the dropdown.

In the Dashboard (Screenshots above) we got some statistics from the Mainnet.

  1. How many nodes are connected to the Lumino Network
  2. How many nodes have channels opened in the selected token.
  3. How many Lumino channels are created (in the entire network)
  4. How many channels exist on the selected token.