Lumino Explorer API

Pre requisites

  1. Access to a synched RSK node. You can do this in a variety of ways:
  2. Mongo Database Server (Version 3.6.x)
  3. Java 8 (Lastest Release)
  4. Maven (Version 3.6.x)
  5. RSK valid account

Build RIF Lumino Explorer API from code

  1. Get the code by cloning the repo
  2. Go to the path you downloaded or cloned Lumino Explorer’s code (let’s call this path $RIF_LUMINO_EXPLORER_PATH and define $RIF_LUMINO_EXPLORER_API_PATH=$RIF_LUMINO_EXPLORER_PATH/lumino-explorer-api)
  3. Go to the $RIF_LUMINO_EXPLORER_API_PATH/src/main/resources/ file and set the property to the profile of your preference (prod or dev). Let’s call it $PROFILE.
  4. Go to $RIF_LUMINO_EXPLORER_API_PATH/src/main/resources/application-$ file, and set the lumino.contract.tokenNetworkRegistry property to the TokenNetworkRegistry address.
  5. Set the lumino.explorer.api.account.file property to the JSON file of your RSK account. Example: lumino.explorer.api.account.file=UTC--2019-04-19T15-07-00.568000000Z--034000b5f2862d114e4b3474f79fc64aad0cb742.json
  6. Set the lumino.explorer.api.account.password property to the password of your account. Example: lumino.explorer.api.account.paassword=3XhLXn[(Tub6'~Qe

Set Up Mongo Database

  1. Go to $RIF_LUMINO_EXPLORER_API_PATH/src/main/resources/database

  2. Run the following command when the mongodb server is installed on the local machine:

user:~/mongo lumino-explorer-api-database-setup.js

If an error is showed, you must execute the following script, specifying a host, port and authentication credentials

user:~/mongo --host <hostname> -u <username> -p <password> lumino-explorer-api-database-setup.js


user:~/mongo --host -u mongodb -p mongodb lumino-explorer-api-database-setup.js

  1. After you run mongo shell command, you will be presented with the following message:
MongoDB shell version $MONGO_SERVER_VERSION
connecting to: mongodb:$MONGO_HOST:$MONGO_PORT
MongoDB server version: $MONGO_SERVER_VERSION
Switched to db lumino_explorer
Creating a new collection with name event_job_metadata
WriteResult({ "nInserted" : 1 })
New  database with name lumino_explorer is created succesfully
The collections into database are:
The count of elements into my event_job_metadata is :
All is done, Now you can run the lumino-explorer-api

Start your RIF Lumino Explorer API

  2. Run the following command:
 mvn spring-boot:run
  1. Now you can check if the API is running, going to http://localhost:8080. These are the default host and port if you run it locally.

Additional help

The following sections are created using Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS

Install Maven


Start by updating the package index:

$ sudo apt update 

Next, install Maven by typing the following command:

$ sudo apt install maven

Verify the installation by running the mvn -version command:

$ mvn -version

The output should look something like this:

Maven home: $YOUR_MAVEN_HOME
Java version: $JAVA_VERSION
Java home: $JAVA_HOME
Default locale: $YOUR_LOCALE