Creating an Issue

If you find an issue in Lumino and want to report it, or you want to request a feature. You can make an issue in the github repo, we suggest to create an issue with the following structure:

For Feature Requests:

  • Full description of the feature
  • Explanation of why you think it’s useful for Lumino.

For Bugs:

  • Short description for the problem
  • Setup description (System you’re using, Lumino version, RSKj version, etc)
  • Explain exactly what was the bug
  • Expected behavior

Creating a Pull Request

To contribute with the codebase of Lumino, you can open a Pull Request (PR) against our repository.

All PRs should be:

  • Self-contained.
  • As short as possible and address a single issue or even a part of an issue. Consider breaking long PRs into smaller ones.
  • It should have a test that allow to verify the fix or functionality

To get you PR merged into the main repository, you should have at least one approved review from our Lumino dev team.