RIF Marketplace Mainnet

You can access the Marketplace on the RSK Mainnet: marketplace.rifos.org

Wallet Setup

  1. Download a browser wallet. Recommended: Nifty Wallet
  2. Connect your wallet to RSK Mainnet. You can do it with the top left selector on Nifty Wallet.
  3. (optional) List RIF token balance using this address: 0x2acc95758f8b5f583470ba265eb685a8f45fc9d5. In Nifty wallet, you can do this in the Tokens tab.
  4. Browse the RIF Marketplace to access the available services.

Smart contracts

Name Services - NFTS Placements

NFTS Proxy: 0xa966be39a13723D991dfa92B2B0cf6B0c7416eE5

NFTS ProxyAdmin: 0xBa7958AA482fe532F54998443c768E6323e957B5

NFTS Implementation: 0x712025c9fe1CA55296cE439c4aC04019c266A5B1

Storage Services - Manager

Storage Proxy: 0xa18c181229F374b00f126fC952775d41A4F4c40e

Storage ProxyAdmin: 0x03860e12049248F5198010f9FA004A0832bbbbEb

Storage Implementation: 0xA06EE5485ebc2F4D0388d43C54d4d8B64e5D9a45

Staking (Storage)

Staking: 0xe82Eb1C0D40D555b8030116132EdA0B9f1032263

RNS Manager (to register and manage RNS Domains)