Token Bridge Contracts

Bridge Contracts

Go to the bridge subfolder of the Token Bridge repository

Install Truffle

npm install -g truffle@5.0.33
npm install

Running test

npm test
npm run lint
npm run coverage

Configure networks

Edit the truffle configuration file

module.exports = {
  // See <>
  // to customize your Truffle configuration!met
  networks: {
    development: {
      host: "",
      port: 8545,
      network_id: "*" // Match any network id
    rskregtest: {
      host: "",
      port: 4444,
      network_id: "*" // Match any network id

Deploy contracts

Launch the local network

ganache-cli --verbose

Deploy using truffle to the desire network

truffle migrate --network <network>


truffle migrate --network development
truffle migrate --network rskregtest

This will also generate the json files for that network with the addresses of the deployed contracts that will be called by the federator.