Guide to download and set up your RWallet on IOS


Download the app.

Go to the App Store, search for RWallet, and download.


Accept the terms and conditions.

Read through the full terms and conditions before accepting them.


Select ‘Create Basic Wallet’.

This option is recommended for first-time users.


Select the currency you want to store in your wallet.

You can change this at any time.


Write down your recovery phrases.

These phrases will allow you to recover the balance of your wallet in the case of a forgotten PIN, deleted app, or issues with your device. Make sure you keep your recovery phrases private.


Input the words in order.

Input the words in the same order that were presented to you in the previous step.


Create a PIN.

You will use this PIN to gain access to your account. Make sure you keep your PIN private.


Your wallet is ready to use!.

You can start adding funds to your wallet.