How to Setup a Jaxx Desktop Wallet

  • To get started, visit their official website jaxx.io/, and click the “Download” button.
overview of download page
  • Select the platform that corresponds to your desktop. In this guide, we show the Windows desktop version.
overview of desktop versions
  • Once the file is downloaded, double-click the setup.
setup package
  • Now you have two options available. Choose Option 1 “Create New Wallet”.
creation of new wallet
  • You’ll then see a screen with the Terms of Service you’ll have to accept. After reading, click “I AGREE”.
terms of service
  • You should see the “Welcome to Jaxx Liberty” screen where you can click “Continue” to get to the main wallet page.
overview of welcome page

Back Up Your Wallet

In the next step the wallet will ask you to back up.

warning to back up
  • Click the “Back Up Now” button. Make sure that no one is looking and click “Start Backup”.
overview of warning
  • Jaxx will generate a 12-word backup phrase. Write down this word set somewhere in a paper notebook or any other item that can’t be hacked via the Internet.
overview of backup phrase
  • On the next window, you need to confirm the 12-word backup phrase. Type them in the correct order and click “Confirm”.
confirmation of backup phrase
  • Once it’s done, click “Jaxx Liberty Home” to go back to the main wallet page.
backup complete page

Set a Password

  • Open the menu at the top right and go to “Security Password”. Adding a password allows you to further secure your wallet.
overview of menu
  • Read and check the warnings. Once you do, the “Set Password” button lights up and you can select it to set your password.
overview of warnings
  • Set up your password, verify it, and click “Continue”. Now you have a Jaxx wallet on your PC.
password setup page