How To Create A Nifty Wallet

Installing Nifty Wallet

To install the Nifty wallet, please visit POA Nifty

Connect with Nifty

  1. Open the Nifty extension.

  2. In the network selector (top right corner), choose RSK Testnet for testing and development purposes.

2.1 For the Mainnet choose RSK, please note that this deals with real cryptocurrencies.

Nifty Wallet

Now the Nifty wallet is ready to use with RSK!

Next Steps

Try RSK in the testnet using the links below:


  • Currency may be displayed as ETH. They are actually RBTC.
  • This tutorial uses RSK public nodes. You can connect to another node by changing the RPC Url
  • The node must have CORS enabled. It can be fully enabled using '*'.