How to Upload a Website on RIF Storage - RSK + RIF Webinars

Now more than ever decentralized storage solutions are needed to resist censorship and ensure personal data privacy. RIF Storage sets out to create the base-layer of a truly decentralized internet 🌀🌀

In this webinar, learn how to launch your own serverless website using RIF Storage- it’s easier than you think!

Right now, everybody is able to launch an unstoppable, serverless website and we will show you how 💪💪


👨‍💻Rinke Hendriksen: Swarm PO and Researcher 👨‍💻Brendan Graetz: Developer Advocate

To learn more about RIF storage, visit our website and roadmap:



  • Rinke Hendriksen, Swarm PO & Researcher - @hendriksenrinke
  • Brendan Graetz, Developer Advocate - @bguiz

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