Flyover Protocol Documentation | Frequently Asked Questions

Here, you can find a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the Flyover Protocol.

Q: How are the PowPeg (2 way peg) and the flyover related?

A: Flyover is a protocol to perform fast peg-ins. The 2wp-app is a tool that enables easy use of the PowPeg protocol. Soon, the flyover peg-in will be integrated into the 2wp-app. In the future it may also include peg-outs.

Q: What type of Bitcoin addresses does the flyover support?

A: The answer depends on which address we refer to. The Flyover protocol accepts transfers to RSK from any kind of Bitcoin wallet, including those using segwit and taproot addresses.

Q: What is the difference between liquidity provider and liquider provider server?

A: The liquidity provider (LP) is in charge of making an RSK call on behalf of the user (or a wallet service). A liquidity provider server (LPS) is a server that runs a local Liquidity Provider node and allows a connection from remote users over HTTP. LP are configured into the LPS. The LPS interacts with the LBC which provides liquidity for users.