RNS Specs - Resolvers

Resolvers may implement any subset of the record types specified here. Where a record types specification requires a resolver to provide multiple functions, the resolver MUST implement either all or none of them.

Resolvers MUST specify a fallback function that throws.

Resolvers must implement ERC-165 interface detection standard. supportsInterface method must return if the interfaceID queried is simply equal to the signature hash of the function that resolves the desired resource record.

Currently standardized resolver interfaces are specified in the table below.

Interface name Description Query via Interface id Specs
addr RSK Address addr(bytes32 node) 0x3b3b57de Address resolver
hash 32 bytes hash(bytes32 node) 0xd8389dc5 -
chain addr Chain Address chainAddr(bytes32,bytes4) 0x8be4b5f6 Chain address resolver