Public methods


function price (string memory name, uint expires, uint duration) public view returns(uint);

Returns the price of a name in RIF

  • name not used. Pass ''
  • expires not used. Pass 0
  • duration to register the name for.


function renew(string calldata name, uint duration) external;

Renews a name in Node Owner.

This method should be called if the domain is owned by someone.

You must have previously executed approve() for the amount of tokens to be transferred.

  • name The name to register.
  • duration Time to register in years.

Register via ERC-677

Use RIF transferAndCall method with the following encoding to perform a RIF token transfer and domain renewal in a single transaction.


size size offset
signature 4 bytes 0 bytes
duration 32 bytes 4 bytes
name variable size 36 bytes

Parameters are used in the same manner as register. Use 0xc2c414c8 as the signature.

  3. implementation.