RSK is currently supporting the following:

Note: request headers must contain the specification of "Content-Type:application/json"

JSON RPC methods

Method Supported Comments
web3_clientVersion YES  
web3_sha3 YES  
net_version YES Mainnet Chain Id = “30”, Testnet Chain Id = “31”
net_peerCount YES  
net_listening YES  
eth_protocolVersion YES  
eth_syncing YES  
eth_coinbase YES  
eth_mining YES  
eth_hashrate YES  
eth_gasPrice YES  
eth_accounts YES  
eth_blockNumber YES  
eth_getBalance YES  
eth_getStorageAt YES  
eth_getTransactionCount YES  
eth_getBlockTransactionCountByHash YES  
eth_getBlockTransactionCountByNumber YES  
eth_getUncleCountByBlockHash YES  
eth_getUncleCountByBlockNumber PARTIALLY Option “pending” not yet supported
eth_getCode PARTIALLY Option “pending” not yet supported
eth_sign YES  
eth_sendTransaction YES  
eth_sendRawTransaction YES  
eth_call YES  
eth_estimateGas YES  
eth_getBlockByHash YES  
eth_getBlockByNumber PARTIALLY Option “pending” not yet supported
eth_getTransactionByHash YES  
eth_getTransactionByBlockHashAndIndex YES  
eth_getTransactionByBlockNumberAndIndex PARTIALLY Option “pending” not yet supported
eth_getTransactionReceipt YES  
eth_getUncleByBlockHashAndIndex YES  
eth_getUncleByBlockNumberAndIndex PARTIALLY Option “pending” not yet supported
eth_getCompilers - For security reasons, we’ve decided not to include compilers in node
eth_compileLLL - For security reasons, we’ve decided not to include compilers in node
eth_compileSolidity - For security reasons, we’ve decided not to include compilers in node
eth_compileSerpent - For security reasons, we’ve decided not to include compilers in node
eth_newFilter YES  
eth_newBlockFilter YES  
eth_newPendingTransactionFilter YES  
eth_uninstallFilter YES  
eth_getFilterChanges YES  
eth_getFilterLogs YES  
eth_getLogs YES  
eth_getWork YES Method name is mnr_getWork
eth_submitWork YES Method name is mnr_submitBitcoinBlock
eth_submitHashrate -  
db_putString - Deprecated
db_getString - Deprecated
db_putHex - Deprecated
db_getHex - Deprecated
shh_post - Whisper protocol not supported
shh_version - Whisper protocol not supported
shh_newIdentity - Whisper protocol not supported
shh_hasIdentity - Whisper protocol not supported
shh_newGroup - Whisper protocol not supported
shh_addToGroup - Whisper protocol not supported
shh_newFilter - Whisper protocol not supported
shh_uninstallFilter - Whisper protocol not supported
shh_getFilterChanges - Whisper protocol not supported
shh_getMessages - Whisper protocol not supported

Management API methods

Method Supported Comments
admin_addPeer NO  
admin_datadir NO  
admin_nodeInfo NO  
admin_peers NO  
admin_setSolc NO  
admin_startRPC NO  
admin_startWS NO  
admin_stopRPC NO  
admin_stopWS NO  
debug_backtraceAt NO  
debug_blockProfile NO  
debug_cpuProfile NO  
debug_dumpBlock NO  
debug_getBlockRlp NO  
debug_goTrace NO  
debug_memStats NO  
debug_seedHash NO  
debug_setHead NO  
debug_setBlockProfileRate NO  
debug_stacks NO  
debug_startCPUProfile NO  
debug_startGoTrace NO  
debug_stopGoTrace NO  
debug_traceBlock NO  
debug_traceBlockByNumber NO  
debug_traceBlockByHash NO  
debug_traceBlockFromFile NO  
debug_traceTransaction YES  
debug_vmodule NO  
debug_writeBlockProfile NO  
debug_writeMemProfile NO  
miner_setExtra NO  
miner_setGasPrice NO  
miner_start NO  
miner_stop NO  
miner_setEtherBase NO  
personal_importRawKey YES  
personal_listAccounts YES  
personal_lockAccount YES  
personal_newAccount YES  
personal_unlockAccount YES  
personal_sendTransaction YES  
personal_sign NO  
personal_ecRecover NO  
txpool_content YES  
txpool_inspect YES  
txpool_status YES  

RPC PUB SUB methods

Method Supported Comments
eth_subscribe PARTIALLY Only option “newHeaders” is supported
eth_unsubscribe YES