Token Bridge Dapp Guide

This Decentralized Application helps you to interact with the Token Bridge contracts, to safely cross your tokens between RSK and Ethereum networks. It is available at


This guide describes the steps to transfer tokens using the Web Interface for the RSK Tokenbridge system. Please refer to the project documentation if you’d like to know more about how this bridge works.

It is possible to test the transfer of tokens between RSK and Kovan networks using the RSK Tokenbridge web interface. This will require access to either Chrome or Chromium web browser, with either Nifty Wallet or Metamask with custom network wallet browser extension installed.


Start by connecting your wallet (Nifty Wallet or Metamask) to the RSK Testnet network. If everything is correct, you should see the following:

Then, locate the address of the token in RSK Testnet from which you wish to transfer tokens. For example, 0x5D248F520b023acB815eDeCD5000B98ef84CbF1b.

Paste the address in the Token Address field, the token will be recognized and its symbol shown automatically. Enter the amount you want to transfer, and confirm with the Cross the Tokens button.

As the alert shows, a few moments after sending the request, it will be necessary to confirm the transaction to approve the token crossing. The following image gives an example of the confirmation popup.

Once the transaction is approved, the page will be updated with the new status and will ask once again to confirm the token passage to the Bridge:

If the transfer is successful, a new alert is displayed

Next, you can obtain the address associated with the token on the other network (in this case Kovan). To do this, switch from the browser extension to the Kovan network and enter the original (in this case RSK testnet) token address. Confirm with Get Side Token Address. A new address that corresponds to the associated token in Kovan should appear

This address can be used to verify the balance and confirm that the tokens were effectively transferred.

You can transfer tokens in the other direction too, using the same method.