Quick Start - Step 2

Step 2 : Install Truffle and Ganache

Truffle and Ganache provides a development environment, test framework, and asset pipeline for blockchains.

Install Truffle

Navigate to the truffle directory within the tutorial, and install its dependencies.

cd <tutorial-root>/truffle
npm install

Let us verify that we have the correct version of truffle running.

npx truffle version

This should output a version that matches the version number for truffle specified in <tutorial-root>/truffle/package.json.

Note that we use npx truffle instead of truffle to ensure that the version installed within this directory is used, not a globally installed copy of truffle.

Truffle Network Configuration

Open the truffle-config.js file in the truffle directory. Locate the following part under networks. This part tells Truffle how to connect to our RegNet node.

module.exports = {
    // ...
    networks: {
        regtest: {
            provider: new PrivateKeyProvider(privateKey,  ""),
            host: "",
            port: 4444,
            network_id: 33,
    // ...

Note that the value for privateKey has been hard coded into the config file. This is something that you would not do normally. As this is a tutorial, and we are not on the main net, this is OK.

Truffle Console

Truffle console is a basic interactive console connecting to a node. We will be using it to connect to our regtest node running locally.

Type the following command into a terminal.

npx truffle console --network regtest

This will open a REPL in your terminal, in which you can type in commands to interact with the node that you have connected to, using the web3.js API.


Note that the --network parameter identifies which network we should connect to, and look for the options related to that within the truffle-config.js file. We can verify this by entering the following command:

truffle(regtest)>  web3.eth.net.getId()

Esnure that the output is 33, which is the network ID of the regtest node.

Install Ganache

Navigate to the ganache directory within the tutorial, and install its dependencies.

cd <tutorial-root>/ganache
npm install

On Ubuntu, you may see an error in the terminal: Gtk-Message: Failed to load module "canberra-gtk-module" To fix this, install the required GTK modules which also needs to be installed.

sudo apt install libcanberra-gtk-module libcanberra-gtk3-module

Start Ganache.

npm start

Ganache is a GUI app, and starting it in this manner makes DevTools available.

Ganache with DevTools

More on Truffle and Ganache

To learn more about Truffle’s commands, visit their official website.