Welcome to RNS! You can use RSK testnet to try the service for free.

  1. Download a browser wallet. Nifty Wallet
  2. Connect your wallet to RSK Testnet. You can do it with the top left selector on Nifty Wallet.
  3. (optional) List tRIF token balance using this address: 0x19F64674D8A5B4E652319F5e239eFd3bc969A1fE. In Nifty wallet do this in Tokens tab.
  4. Browse to RSK faucet to get some gas.
  5. Browse to tRIF faucet to get some test RIF tokens.
  6. Browse to RNS Testnet Manager and search for your desired domain.
  7. Follow the registration process.

Note: The Nifty browser wallet has been discontinued. See the Nifty Wallet) page for more information.